Smart Works

Smart Works is a charity that helps women into work, by providing education and training to those in need, as well as providing smart clothes for job interviews. The charity aims to empower women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Smart Works - helping women into work

Women who come to the attention of Smart Works are usually referred to the charity from various organisations, including homeless shelters, mental health charities, prisons and job centres. Many of the women the charity has helped have previously failed in over 50 job applications. Nearly two thirds of the women who the charity works with are then successful in finding a job.

Smart Works has helped over 12,000 women since it opened in North London in November 2013. It has gone on to open seven centres across the UK.

The charity relies on volunteers, with over 350 across the UK, who provide training, preparation and selecting clothes for the job interview process.

Smart Works - helping women into work
Smart Works - helping women into work

The charity is supported by several patrons, including the Duchess of Sussex.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust granted the charity £327,000 to strengthen and expand the charity’s work, and to provide opportunity for women who have had very little before working with Smart Works.

The charity has entered into arrangements with a number of brands and companies to raise awareness and fund for Smart Works. These include notable brands such as Burberry, Stella Magazine and Bumble.

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