Place2Be provides emotional and therapeutic support to school children in primary and secondary education in over 280 schools throughout the UK.

The services offered by Place2Be gives young people a space where they can express their feelings and worries to a qualified therapist through talking, creative work or play.

Evidence points to a significant need for early mental health support as one in eight children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem. Fifty percent of adults with mental health problems first experienced symptoms before the age of 14. Teenage depression and anxiety rates have increased by seventy percent in the last 25 years. NHS England suggest that poor mental health has cost the economy and the NHS £105 billion per year in England alone. Place2Be recognise that people are less likely to suffer from mental health issues later in life if they receive the support they need at an early age.

The main issues raised by young children in their Place2Be counselling sessions are often complex, relating to bullying, family breakdowns, friendship issues and dealing with anger or anxiety. In 2018, Place2Be supported over five thousand children and young people through over 81,000 one to one counselling sessions. Teachers recorded that there was a seventy seven percent improvement in children and young peoples’ mental health for those that received support from Place2Be.

One of the ways in which the charity delivers their support is through Place2Talk. This is a drop-in service which is open to students during lunch breaks where they can spend 15-20 minutes with a therapist and express any concerns or worries they might have. The charity’s provision includes support for families and school staff, as well as pupils to achieve improved emotional wellbeing of the whole community.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust have been longstanding supporters of Place2Be, with a major grant of £2 million pledged in 2015.

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