The Listening Place

The Listening Place is a support network for those experiencing suicidal thoughts. It provides them with a safe space to share difficult feelings and receive the support and care they need.
The Listening Place support network

The Listening Place was founded in 2016 in London. The charity provides those with chronic suicidal feelings a space to speak freely and openly with fully trained staff and professionally supervised volunteers. Previously, those with mental illness did not have adequate support or the facilities required to voice their problems confidentially. The Listening Place was established in response to this and has helped many people to relieve the emotional pain and stress they feel at the time of visiting.

The Listening Place has become a vital asset to those struggling with poor mental health across London. It is open seven days a week and currently receives an average of five new referrals per day, through its website and through other medical institutions including the NHS, GP’s and other charities. The Listening Place is works together and shares referrals with other mental health charities including Mind, CALM and the British Red Cross.

The Listening Place support network
The Listening Place support network

The service provided by The Listening Place has been found to have a profound impact on the mental wellbeing of patients visiting the centre. Based on responses taken from questionnaires, visitors continue to report a significant decrease in suicidal thoughts and intention to act on those feelings.

The Listening Place is primarily a volunteer-led organisation and relies in part on donations to continue its activities. In 2019, The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has pledged £150,000 over three years to allow the charity to increase its capacity thus helping it to provide more support to those in need.

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