Julia and Hans Rausing donate £20m to new cancer clinic in Lund, Sweden

Julia and Hans Rausing donate £20m to new cancer clinic in Lund, Sweden

Today, it was announced that a new clinic will be established in Lund, Sweden, which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer, and in particular, forms of cancer that affect women.

The new clinic has been devised by Julia and Hans Rausing who have donated £20m for its establishment. The clinic is expected to open its doors to patients this Autumn.

Hans and Julia Rausing said, “The Skåne region, and in particular Lund, has always meant a great deal to our family. It is was home to our family for many years and was where my grandfather started Tetra Pak. Sadly everyone has a friend or loved one that has been affected by cancer and with this donation, we would like to give back to an area which has been so significant to us, during a time in which timely and efficient measures are needed, so that more people receive the care and support they urgently need.”

Professor Christian Ingvar, breast cancer and surgical specialist at Lund University, will serve as the clinic’s new medical director and said, “The support given by Hans and Julia Rausing to the Skåne Region is fantastic. With the donation we will strengthen our expertise in the long term, while also being able to care for the patients who have been on the waiting list during this spring, at a time when many planned surgical procedures and treatments were postponed.”

The donation is enabled through the establishment of a new Swedish foundation set up by Julia and Hans Rausing, with the purpose of advancing public health in the Skåne region of Southern Sweden. To help address the waiting list of patients accumulated during the spring, the clinic will have the option of renting facilities at the nearby Peritus clinic during the construction phase.

Professor Boel Flodgren, former vice-chancellor at Lund University, has been appointed the foundation’s chairman.  “It is with great joy and pride I assume the chairmanship for this foundation, which serves as basis for the cancer clinic. I am also grateful for the medical expertise and high tech facilities which we will be able to access through the Peritus clinic. The donation from Julia and Hans Rausing means we will be able to assist regional healthcare within this important field, said Boel Flodgren.

The clinic will be built at Medicon Village in Lund, close to Lund University’s cancer research cluster. The aim is to collaborate with other care facilities in the same area. Apart from the operations which will hopefully start later this year, construction of the permanent new clinic will start as soon as possible.

In order to provide maximum flexibility during the development and building phase, Julia and Hans Rausing have pledged a range for the donation, in which the final sum will be need-based and can be increased to £25m. 

16th June 2020

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