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FareShare is the UK’s largest charity which is using unused food from the food industry to fight hunger and food waste.
FareShare - fighting hunger, tackling food waste

FareShare redistributes food which is still good to eat but being thrown away by supermarkets and food businesses. It is based in nearly 2,000 towns and cities across the UK and the meals go to nearly 11,000 different organisations, including domestic violence refuges and children’s breakfast clubs. In 2018/19, FareShare distributed enough food for 46.5 million meals, and are looking to expand that even further in future years.

FareShare’s impact goes beyond solving hunger, but also solves food wastage in the UK. The redistribution of food by FareShare in the last 12 months saves the UK economy around £50million, which includes just under £45 million in savings to the UK Government.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust have granted the charity £100,000, which will help FareShare continue to provide this vital service to charities whose work supports the most vulnerable in society.

FareShare - fighting hunger, tackling food waste
FareShare - fighting hunger, tackling food waste

FareShare meals can provide a number of different functions for people at difficult in times in their lives, whether that is helping people feel part of the community at an elderly day centre; or helping a family who may go hungry after a period of unemployment.

FareShare emphasises the ability for a meal to give people the opportunity to change their lives. This could be having the energy to succeed in a job interview, having a meal with other people to prevent loneliness, school children in a breakfast club being healthy enough to succeed at school.

You can click through here to see some of the good work that FareShare is doing across the UK and hear personal testimony about how it has changed lives.

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