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Action on Addiction offers help to people living and struggling with addiction.
Action on Addiction support network

Action on Addiction has expertise in treating addiction across the organisation, from specialist addiction counsellors, through to a knowledgeable and professional board. Since 2012, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has been the patron of the charity.

Much of their work is done from Clouds House, a rehabilitation and detoxification centre which has been open since 1983. It gives addicts the time and space to understand their addictions and rebuild their relationships with others and themselves. It provides fully qualified addiction counsellors to people suffering with addiction as well as their friends and family, with all of their counsellors educated to honours degree level.

In addition to residential treatment, Action on Addiction offers in community Self-Help Addition Recovery Programmes (SHARPs). These have been shown to improve participants quality of life without the need to go through a residential care programme. 80% of addicts going through treatment did not return to any treatment service after completing the programme.

Action on Addiction recognises that it is not only the sufferer that is impacted by addiction, but their family and friends. As part of the charity’s work it offers a specific programme to help families through addiction and improve their wellbeing, especially that of children.

Action on Addiction support network
Action on Addiction support network

Alongside these programmes for addiction sufferers, the charity also offers training for counsellors and other types of workers who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills in treating addiction. This may be someone who is looking to change career, or a recovering addict who is looking to help.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has over many years provided an annual grant to the charity’s Cloud House treatment centre in Wiltshire, which provides a safe space for addicts to undergo treatment, with 90% of clients being drug and alcohol free when they leave “clouds”. Since 2015, the Trust has donated over £4.5 million to Action on Addiction.

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