About the Trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust is a charitable fund supporting organisations and initiatives that provide benefit to society in the UK.

The Trust exists to realise the philanthropy of Hans Rausing and Julia Rausing.

Since its formation, it has provided over 220 grants totalling more than £200 million. Funding is given to organisations working within three main areas: Health and Wellbeing; Welfare and Education; and Arts and Culture.

By supporting charitable initiatives within these areas, the Trust aims to foster a healthy society that gives care to those in need, provides opportunity for all, and offers inspiring cultural engagement.

The Trust is a named fund held within The Master Charitable Trust (MCT). The MCT is a donor-advised fund managed by C. Hoare & Co. Bank and is a registered charity (number 1139904). Donations made from The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust are directed by Julia and Hans Rausing and verified by Messrs. Hoare Trustees.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust’s giving is supported by a small charity office, managed by Simon Fourmy as Head of Grants. The office provides administration and due diligence and is the point of contact for grant recipients.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust does not accept unsolicited applications for funding, except through time-limited opportunities such as the Charity Survival Fund.
Existing grantees can get in touch with us by writing to the postal address on the Contact page or by sending an email to