English Heritage receives £2.5m donation for new Tintagel Castle footbridge

February 2019

English Heritage has received a £2.5m donation from Julia and Hans Rausing towards the forthcoming footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, the charity announced today (Tuesday 19 February). Opening in summer 2019, the new footbridge will help people to better understand the dramatic Cornish castle, improve access, and help to preserve and conserve Tintagel’s archaeology and ecology.

The £2.5m gift is the largest single private donation ever received by English Heritage.

Designed by Ney & Partners engineers and William Matthews Associates Architectural Practice, the new footbridge will be a striking feat of engineering. Set 57 metres above sea level, the bridge will consist of two independent cantilevers of approximately 30 metres length each that reach out and almost touch in the middle. At the centre, a narrow gap (40mm) has been designed to represent the transition between the mainland and the island, the present and the past. The bridge has been designed to be as slight as possible in order to be as unobtrusive as possible and also to reflect the historical land bridge. So significant was the original narrow access that it gave rise to the stronghold's name, the Cornish Din Tagell meaning 'the Fortress of the Narrow Entrance'. 

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The Royal Academy Schools Receives £10m Gift to Guarantee its Future

 February 2019

The Royal Academy Schools, the postgraduate art school at the heart of the Royal Academy, has received a major gift of £10m from Julia and Hans Rausing.

This generous donation is the most significant gift in the 250-year history of the RA Schools, enabling a vital renewal project to ensure the future of the world-renowned institution. In recognition of this gift, the RA Schools buildings will be called The Julia and Hans Rausing Campus. Designed by Sir David Chipperfield CBE RA, who recently completed the Royal Academy’s transformative redevelopment, together with Julian Harrap, the project will preserve the heritage of the RA Schools and ensure it remains at the forefront of art education.

This restoration and renewal project will ensure the RA Schools continues to provide an exceptional contemporary postgraduate art education. The renewal project will begin in 2021. It will create a campus with increased space for studios, including a new suite of workshops in Burlington Gardens. The historic Sydney Smirke studios, Cast Corridor and Life Room, built in 1870, will be restored to maximise space and light.  There will be a new suite of technical workshops to support all technologies, a new RA Schools Library, the architecture studio will be renewed and the layout improved for access for students and tutors.

For more information please visit www.royalacademy.org.uk


Leading Anglo-Bulgarian Expedition Announces Finding of the World’s Official ‘Oldest Intact Shipwreck’ Known To Mankind

October 2018

For the past three years, an international team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and marine surveyors, have been searching the sea-bed of the Black Sea in order to better understand the impact of prehistoric sea level change.

Using the very latest technology, previously only typically made available to oil, gas and renewable energy companies, The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) surveyed over 2000sqkm of the seabed and what they uncovered is astonishing.

Over 60 shipwrecks, varying in age from a 17th century Cossack raiding fleet, through Roman trading vessels complete with amphorae to a complete ship from the Classical period, were found across the 3 year period.

As a crucial part of the project, Black Sea Films have made a documentary which will be premiering at the British Museum on October 23rd 2018.  This two hour documentary aims to be shown around the world.

The Black Sea MAP project was conceived by Hans K Rausing who established the Expedition and Education Foundation to commission the project. The Foundation’s work is funded by The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

For more information please visit www.blackseamap.com

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National Gallery receives major donation to transform its setting of Caravaggio and seventeenth-century Italian paintings

October 2018

The National Gallery has received a £4 million gift from Julia and Hans Rausing towards the refurbishment of its largest and one of its most visited rooms.  

At 34m long by 12m wide, Room 32 houses the Gallery’s world-class collection of Italian 17th century paintings, including works by Caravaggio, Reni, Guercino, Rosa and Giordano. The room will also eventually become home to the Gallery’s latest acquisition, a self-portrait of Artemisia Gentileschi. 

The upcoming renovation will enable the Gallery to continue to meet international museum standards and preserve the Gallery’s collection of paintings for future generations to enjoy. After the work is completed, the room will be re-opened as The Julia and Hans Rausing Room.

Julia and Hans Rausing have supported the National Gallery over many years, including exhibitions such as Strange Beauty – Masters of the German Renaissance (February - May 2014)  and most recently Mantegna and Bellini.  

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First hard hat tour of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital new Intensive Care Unit

October 2018

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was delighted to welcome Julia and Hans Rausing for its first 'hard hat' tour of the construction site for its new adult Intensive Care Unit. The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has supported the Critical Care Campaign to significantly expand and redevelop the hospital's adult Intensive Care Unit.

The capacity of the new unit will increase by 45% providing care for over 1000 patients a year in a sensor rich environment including private bays, facilities for overnight accommodation in every room, and the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The hospital will create a patient-focused environment which will transform its care and patient experience. This innovative, new model of care and world-class environment will improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks for its patients. It will become one of the leading Critical Care services in the UK, influencing NHS guidelines and best practice nationally and beyond.

The new unit is due to open in 2020 and will be named ‘The Julia and Hans Rausing Intensive Care Unit’ in recognition of the Trust’s contribution to the hospital's patients.

For more information please visit www.cwplus.org.uk  

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Opening of a new wing at “The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Centre”

May 2018

Julia and Hans Rausing were delighted to be invited to “Sybille’s Veterinary Suite" at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats centre in May 2018. The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats centre is a leading animal rescue charity in the Cotswolds that cares for hundreds of abandoned, abused and neglected animals each year. The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust and their dog Sybille was delighted to support the opening of a new veterinary suite.



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The Black Sea MAP expedition

September 2017

The three-year Black Sea MAP expedition was the largest underwater archaeological project of its kind, and investigated the changes in the ancient environment of the Black Sea region including the impact of sea level change during the last glacial cycle.

The Black Sea MAP project was conceived by Hans K. Rausing who established the Expedition and Education Foundation to commission the project. The Foundation’s work is funded by The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.                      

The expedition unveiled 60 astonishingly well-preserved shipwrecks during its duration, which helped write the history of nearly 2500 years of seafaring tradition.

On 19th September 2017, the expedition returned from its third and final field season.

For more information please visit www.blackseamap.com

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Gloucestershire Local Charity Tea Party

August 2017

In August 2017, Julia and Hans Rausing held a Garden Tea Party in Gloucestershire for 14 local charities supported by the charitable trust. The charities included employment training schemes, animal welfare, care for the elderly, restoration of historic buildings, services for children and young people, medical treatment support and addiction treatment services.