The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

About the trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust is a charitable fund that supports organisations and charities across the globe.

Since its formation, the Trust has provided over 220 grants totalling more than £185 million. The Trust supports a number of initiatives with the primary donations areas being the Arts, Children, Culture, Health, Mental Health and Science.

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Gloucestershire Local Charity Tea Party

In August 2017, Julia and Hans Rausing held a Garden Tea Party in Gloucestershire for 14 local charities supported by the charitable trust. The charities included employment training schemes, animal welfare, care for the elderly, restoration of historic buildings, services for children and young people, medical treatment support and addiction treatment services.


Royal Albert Hall

The Trust has supported the Royal Albert Hall on several projects including providing the largest single donation in the history of the Hall.

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The Science Museum

The Trust has assisted with the revitalisation of the Science Museum’s new lecture theatre which reopened in 2017.


The Black Sea MAP

The Black Sea MAP expedition is the largest underwater archaeological of its kind and seeks to understand how sea level change impacted the movement of early mankind.